South India enjoys a tropical climate.  It is warm to hot year round and has lovely, cool evenings from November to mid February.

The summer rains generally start about mid April.  They are mostly at around the same time of the day, and the rain comes down hard and fast and then it’s gone!

Following on from the summer rains is the Monsoon – the favourite time of the year for most Indians.  It cools things down after the hot summer, settles the dust and again the rain is usually somewhat predictable each day.

And then comes the wet season – for us it’s hard to determine the difference, but to the locals these are very different seasons.  The wet seasons bring high humidity.

If you don’t like the heat, the best time to travel is late November to early March.  If you can handle the heat there are some wonderful festivals during the hotter part of the year.  Check our FAQ on Festivals for more information.