Before you leave home

A visa is required for travel to India.  Please check with your local Indian Consulate as the requirements vary dependent on which passport you hold.  In some cases an e-tourist visa is available, but it is often the case that you must get a visa in your passport, which of course take a little longer.

We recommend that you have a minimum of six months validity on your passport beyond your return date, and at least two blank facing pages.

Please bring three copies of your passport and visa, along with three passport sized photographs.  These are required for checking into hotels and obtaining a SIM card.

While we are happy to be of assistance should you need it, it is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct visa before leaving your home country and a valid passport.

We personally always like to have some local currency before arriving in another country, so we recommend you do too!

ATM’s are plentiful, but many charge INR200 per transaction.  In our experience the largest sum you can withdraw is INR10,000 (approximately AUD200, USD155, EUR145, GBP120) so you should check with your own bank as they may also charge a fee.

Lots of restaurants and larger shops will accept credit cards – Visa and Mastercard, however smaller vendors and markets will only accept cash.

If you wish to bring your local currency and exchange it here, that is possible, but we have always found the easiest way to get cash is via an ATM.



Bangalore is closest to Mysore and we recommend you arrive there if possible.  It is approximately three hours by road.  Transfers from Bangalore are included and one of our representatives will be there to meet you holding a sign with your name on it.

We can certainly help get you to Mysore if you choose to arrive by another international gateway such as Chennai.  It is connected by a train that takes eight hours, and by road it’s closer to ten hours.  You can see why we recommend Bangalore!

If you are coming by road or train, we’ll still be there to meet you on arrival.


It is a requirement that all our customers have travel insurance.  While you can choose who you’d like to take your insurance with, we have a link on our site for World Nomads who we are confident to recommend.

We will ask for your emergency contact details on day one of your holiday, which will include needing your policy number, so please have it on hand.