What should I bring?

What should I bring?

It’s always fun to give away little gifts to the locals when you travel.  Well, we think so and we think you’ll agree!  Gifts like colouring pencils and books are always a hit with little kids, as are any kind of balls, pavement chalk or easy to learn games for slightly older children.  Young boys are cricket mad so if you hail from a country that plays cricket, some cricket type souvenirs will be met with enthusiasm to say the least.

You’ll make friends on your holiday that would really appreciate a little trinket, whether it’s a key ring, fridge magnet or something from your home country that would be a novelty for an Indian.  From your auto rickshaw driver to the artisan that you work side by side with, any person you connect with will be thrilled with the smallest of things.

Another option is to bring basic school supplies that can be donated to a local school, or to children from a disadvantaged background.  We can put you in touch with local charities that will be extremely grateful for any donation.  If you want to travel light, school supplies are relatively inexpensive, we can tell you the best place to buy them once you are here.

Some basic first aid items are always a good idea, especially if there is something that you really must have should you get an upset stomach, a headache or another ailment.  You can probably just bring absolute essentials and the rest you could get if needed.

Sunscreen is not as readily available, so bring a good one with you.  Not to mention a hat or umbrella to protect you from the sun.  If you are coming during the wetter months, an umbrella or raincoat isn’t a bad idea, but if you are economising on luggage just get one here.

Three photocopies of your passport and visa and three passport sized photos.   You’ll need these for hotel check-ins and to get a local SIM Card if you choose to.  If you are travelling extensively through India, you could bring more.  You can also get these done quickly and cheaply once you are here, but good to land with at least a couple of copies.

We’ll include a more comprehensive packing list with your travel documents.

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