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Food – we will provide a list of recommended restaurants with your travel documents.  These are tried and true places that we can recommend from experience as places that have good food and good hygiene standards.

Generally food in India is spicy, but it is possible to order Indian food that is not overly spicy.  You just have to remember that to a local, a little spicy may be more spicy than it means to you, so we suggest you err on the side of caution for the first few days until you can gauge for yourself how spicy you want your food to be!

There are ample restaurants that serve Western style food for those not wanting to eat Indian food for every meal.

Drink – First rule – do not drink the tap water!  Bottled water will be provided when you are at your workshop, or out on a day tour.  If you want to reduce the amount of plastic you use, you can bring a refillable bottle from home, or even buy one when you arrive.  Bottled water is available everywhere.  Any of the restaurants we recommend will serve filtered water which is safe to drink also.  Best thing is, if in doubt, always ask first.  No matter what time of the year you come to India, it is imperative to stay hydrated so expect to drink lots of water.  Our favourite thing is to have a tender coconut at every opportunity, or at least once a day.  They are available everywhere, on almost every corner and have lots of natural electrolytes to keep you hydrated, not to mention tasting great.

Alcohol – Bangalore is a big, cosmopolitan city and as such bars and clubs are easy to find.  Mysore is a smaller, more conservative city, so the options are less.  In saying this, we will give you a list of places you can go for a drink if you would like to, but Mysore doesn’t really have much of a nightlife to speak of!  There are a few restaurants that serve alcohol if you like a drink with your dinner, but in general most don’t.  Of course, any major hotel will have a bar, and also serve drinks in their restaurants.  We have some favourite places we’ll let you know about in your travel documents.





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