We recommend purchasing a local SIM card which we will help you arrange on arrival in Mysore.  If you decide to stay in Bangalore for sometime before coming to Mysore, our representative in Bangalore will assist you.  It is inexpensive for local calls/sms/data, so unless your provider at home can offer you a great Global Roaming deal this is the way to go.  Our preferred provider in India is Airtel and they will issue a “Tourist Prepaid SIM” valid for 30 days.  Recharge is readily available.

For calling home, we recommend downloading an app such as Whatsapp or Viber.  Whatsapp is very popular in India, so the one we recommend most as it’s useful if you wish to communicate with any of the locals you meet.  Make sure you get those you want to be in touch with at home to download it too!

You will have free WiFi available at your accommodation.  Some restaurants offer free WiFi, but rather than rely on that, if you really want to be connected (and have access to Google Maps which is a huge help for the modern day traveller!) we recommend purchasing some data on your local SIM card for back up when WiFi is not available.




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