Arrival Information

Arrival Information

As with most destinations, you will be given an arrival card to complete on your inbound flight.  Please ensure you have the name of the hotel and address as provided in your travel documents on hand as you will need this to complete this form.  They also ask for a contact person here in India, which is also provided in your travel documents.

When you proceed to collect your luggage, you will no doubt be approached by someone to assist you.  They will require payment, and more than likely charge you more than they would charge a local!  Free luggage carts are available.

Duty free on arrival in Bangalore is quite limited so don’t expect a huge shopping experience.  The usual alcohol, cigarettes and perfumes are certainly available and duty free is charged in USD.

I have arrived in Bangalore 10 times or more and have always cleared Immigration relatively quickly.  They will take a photo of you on arrival and some of your fingerprints.  This is standard procedure so don’t be alarmed.   Of course they’ll want to see you visa too.

Anyone travelling on an e-tourist visa look out for the counter as soon as you come into the Immigration area as they have a separate counter for e-tourist visa holders.



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