We are Varis and Catherine. Mysuru stole our hearts from the moment we arrived in early 2014. From this first trip the concept for our Indian journeys bloomed and we have been learning more about this incredible country and its people ever since.

As lovers of the handmade, we sought out the local artisans who live and breathe their crafts. We learned how their knowledge and skill is passed down from one generation to the next. It is so much a part of their culture, that in Sanskrit there is a specific word for it. Parampara.

We were so inspired by their passion and commitment that we wanted to share it with like-minded travellers. This is our way of passing along the knowledge we have gathered during our time in India.

Every day is full of surprises. The simplest things that the locals see as everyday happenings, fill us with delight and wonder. This is the India we want to share with you.

Come with us on a journey you will never forget as we unravel the mysteries of India together.

varis and catherine founders skillstourism
varis and catherine at somanathapura

Beautiful Mysore, the cultural capital of Southern India

Home to nearly one million people, Mysore attracts visitors from all over India, and the world.
Fondly called the City of Palaces, Mysore was ruled by a royal family for nearly six centuries.
 The Wadiyar Dynasty built many of the palaces and monuments that contribute to the beauty of Mysore as we know it today.
Come on a journey with us to discover this enchanting city.
 The people and the rich cultural heritage will leave you wanting to discover more of this amazing country.
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