Introductory Offer

Do you have a sense of adventure? Like being the first to try something new? Then we have a great opportunity for you!

Let us introduce you to Creative Tourism here in Mysore, South India.

We first came to Mysore over three years ago when the seeds of this project were first sewn. We have been working hard on setting up our workshops and project here in Mysore for around 18 months.

We are collaborating with some wonderful artisans who are really excited at the prospect of meeting you and teaching you their particular traditional handcraft.

We have researched the best places to stay and eat, cultural activities and interesting things to do in Mysore and now have put it all together ready for you to come and explore for yourself. We’ve got day tours, overnight getaways and all sorts of activities that you can add to your

We’ll be with you every step of the way and by joining us on one of our first tours you will be helping us and the local people we work with to fine tune our program.

We can’t guarantee that everything will go smoothly, but we can guarantee that you’ll have a great time, meet some amazing locals and leave Mysore with new friends, amazing memories of unique experiences and a new insight into your own creativity. And of course something that you made yourself depending on which craft you decide to learn!

Click on the next tab to see the amazing deals we have on offer. We can’t wait to show you Mysore as we know it, and it’s our chance to see it through your eyes too. We have no doubt that you’ll end up teaching us a thing or two as well.

Curious Artisan – 7 DaysAdults – $1090
Children – $981
15th October21st OctoberDiwali Festival
12th November18th November
Artisan Discovered – 12 DaysAdults – $1630
Children – $1304
15th October26th OctoberDiwali Festival
12th November23rd November
Relaxed Artisan – 18 DaysAdults – $5200
Children – $4678
15th October1st NovemberDiwali Festival